Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Creative Shoot

Tomorrow morning Solex Photography are collaborating with Harriet Young, a South Wales based make up artist on a studio shoot. I personally enjoy working in studio environments as it gives me the ability to control the lighting set up and experiment until I am fully satisfied with the images that I am making.

During the preparation for this studio shoot, Alex Compton and I researched different types of make up using the internet and magazines. We were primarily looking for the 'wow factor', something very different and out of the ordinary, as well as the more natural look.

Here are some of our favourite photographs:


Photographer/make up artist of these images is unknown.

I really like these images. I like the way the make up artist has used just one colour to great effect in the image on the left. The image on the right is in contrast to this and is more precise using many colours. Both are quite striking.

During tomorrows shoot, myself and Alex are planning on producing similar images with Harriet's help. I am looking forward to watching another artist at work and to stimulate my creative side.

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