Thursday, 7 February 2013


The shoot went well! Hoorah. 

Yesterday morning myself, Alex, Harriet, and Jenny Davies, a Bristol based make up artist collaborated on a studio shoot.

From the beginning of the preparation for this shoot I knew that I wanted to use two make up artists in order to create two completely different and creative looks. I had so many ideas that I didn't know where to begin, but I started from the beginning with these two... with more shoots to follow.


Harriet created an organic look on our model Cerys, using shades of grey and black. I wanted to keep all of the sequins a similar colour and size in order to keep the consistency throughout the image. I think the colours have complimented the model and pulled out the colour of her eyes. I kept her hair simple in order to emphasise the make up as it had taken Harriet around an hour and a half to produce.


Jenny created a very striking symmetrical look on our other model Briony. I was looking for a dramatic look using face lace on neutral make up. Face lace is an unusual type of make up that is not often seen or worn. With Briony's hair up, it emphasises the beauty, and originality of the make up.

I am really pleased with the outcome of this set of images as all of the focus is on the beauty of the make up. I like working with make up artists who have the ability to produce original make up and allow their creativity to flow through their work. Thank you to everyone who helped make these photographs work as well as I think they do; Alex for helping with the lighting, Harriet and Jenny for producing such amazing make up, and Cerys and Briony for modelling.

I love this set, but what do you think? More studio shoots to follow, one being the 13th February. I will hopefully be using Valentine's as my theme... watch this space.

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