Sunday, 10 February 2013

Preparation For Wednesday's Photo Shoot...

This coming Wednesday, 10th February, Alex and I will once against be collaborating with Harriet: and Jody Amner, a South Wales based make up artist: on another creative photo shoot.

I have decided on two themes for the photo shoot, Valentine's Day as it is the day after, and body painting. I like the idea of body painting as it can be very striking in an image and there are many different forms of it. I have done a lot of research in preparation for the shoot and I thought that I would show you some of my favourite images...


The photographer/make up artists of these images are unknown.

My favourite image has to be the Mickey Mouse face painting as I have never seen an image like that before. For this theme I plan on using black and white throughout in order to keep the consistency as using colour would form a distraction. For the other theme I am hoping to use different shades of reds and pinks throughout with different forms of accessories such as heart shaped balloons, flowers, and love heart sweets. Thank you to my mother for helping me with everything.

Look out for my blog post on Thursday for the final results.

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Lindsay Sartoris said...

I do love the Mickey mouse one!

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