Thursday, 31 January 2013


I thought that I would write a blog about my feelings towards Instagram. It is now 15:46 and nearly dark outside, Dave (my wonderful other half) left around two hours ago, and after spending two days with him, it is safe to say that I am feeling pretty lonely again. It's weird when you spend a few days with someone and then they have to leave, it is like there's something missing that should be there. There will be no more movie nights with popcorn, crisps and biscuits for a while now.

Anyway, Instagram is an application that smart phones and android phones such as Sony Erricson, and the iPhone have the ability to download if they are connected to the internet. It gives the owner of the phone the creativity to make photographs of anything and everything they see. However, you will be able to notice a huge difference in the quality of the images that both of these products produce. External from photographers, some people merely want to 'snap' away the things that they see daily, and are not bothered about the quality of the images. The ability to produce photographs using smart phones has defiantly seen a high increase recently due to the technology that is becoming available to all. According to during September 2012, the iPhone 5 sold 5,150,000 phones.

As a photographer, this figure might tell me that a large majority of the public have now started to use their phone as their primary camera. Some even class themselves as a 'photographer' after a few images of leaves, or cups of tea. It is becoming very hard to break into the industry with so many people claiming themselves to be photographers, and wanting experience when their portfolio is merely built on Instagram images. Instagram is dangerous in this respect as it is putting a huge demand on photographers as a whole unit. In exhibitions, you will probably see signs stating 'no photographs', however, these 'photographers' tend to ignore these signs and take images anyway. If a real photographer were to take their camera out of its bag, would they also get ignored making images? Or would they get told off as the security guard would be able to see their image making equipment plan in sight? However, Instagram also has its advantages, it is fun to experiment with the different filters that you can add to your images, but I believe that as a photographer, these photographs will not be taken as seriously as images that are made using a digital DSLR and will be taken no further than social networking sites. I believe that there is a time and a place to make Instagram images.

I thought that I would show you a few snaps...

The image on the left was taken by my boyfriend, Dave, of my hair yesterday when we went exploring in Newport. It was taken using an iPhone 5. I added the 'Rise' filter to this photograph. (Please ignore the bottles, and the fact that I was networking at the time of this image). The image on the right was taken around an hour ago using a Sony Erricson Xperia-Ray. I added the 'Amaro' filter to this image. I wanted to document the little note that my boyfriend had left for me just before he left this afternoon. It is the little things that make me smile, and seeing this note will always have that affect.

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