Tuesday, 22 January 2013


So today has consisted of spending some quality time with my loved ones, making photographs, contacting and updating my blog and website, but this evening has been a whole different story.

At the moment I am feeling so incredibly motivated to finally finish making my website and publishing it online once and for all. I have tried before to make a website, but unfortunately due to other commitments I was unable to see it through, but this time I have so much drive to finish it and see it go live. So this evening I concentrated on the layout of my website and making sure that it was precisely how I would like it to be (I am very picky!) and uploading photographs and text to explain who I am, my portfolio of images, and the recent work that I have been making. Making a website is a lot harder than I first anticipated, I naively thought that it was going to be easy, but it is far from it. A lot of thought has gone in to each individual part of my website, from the layout, to the text font and size. To some people the font size and text might not be seen as important, but to me as a photographer, it is incredibly important. Each part of my website reflects who I am as an individual, and as a photographer.

It is now 23:24pm and I have been working on my website for at least three hours. I have managed to finish the majority of the content, but tomorrow I am planning to work on a few of the minor pieces that are involved, such as the layout of the images, how many images on each page, and my bio. I will probably keep my bio to a minimum, as I like my work to speak for itself, not for me to speak for it.

Watch this space. More tomorrow. 

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