Tuesday, 22 January 2013

More Snow...

Late this afternoon/early evening it started lightly snowing and become increasingly heavier as time went on. It wasn't surprising as Somerset and South Wales have both received amber weather warnings, with there potentially being up to 10cm of snow overnight. People were very sceptical of this statement as a lot of opinions have recently been aired.

I have seen a lot of snow images, some better than others, but it is the more artistic and original ones that have caught my eye. It is the ones where the photographer has captured the snow falling that my eye has been drawn to, so I thought that I would give it a go during the heaviest period of the snow fall this evening. It was far more difficult than people first interpret as without knowing, the snow falls much faster than the human eye can see. The contrast between the night sky and the brightness of the snow flakes made capturing the moment a bit easier, but still it challenged my ability as a photographer.

My hometown has never looked more peaceful...


These images are far from my usual approach to making snow images, but hopefully I will have more opportunities to make snow images during the 'big freeze'. Snow doesn't prevent anyone from making photographs, it creates new opportunities.

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