Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sky Dive

On the 10th February 2013 I will be attending a sky dive both as a photographer and as a individual. I know that it is going to be one of the most nerve racking events that I will ever have the opportunity to photograph, so I am looking forward to the adrenaline rush. You see, the reason why it is going to be so incredibly nerve racking for me, is because my wonderful other half, and the main subject of yesterday's blog post, Dave Wheatley, will be jumping 15,000 feet out of an aeroplane along with some of his fellow team mates, Gavin Foster, Lewin Cohen, Ash Hill and Matt Hyde. All of these boys play for Wells RFC, and they are taking an amazing opportunity to try to raise as much money as possible. An opportunity that they may never get again, an opportunity that will give them butterflies, make them anxious, excited, scared, but most of all, it is an opportunity that they can share and experience with their family and friends, and have photographically recorded through varies devices.

At the moment, as it stands Wells RFC has 250 junior members and only two pitches to use, so when the season turns to winter, or the weather turns sour - as it normally does in England - training, and matches are normally suspended. The club would like to raise as much money as they can in order to create a new club house with more changing rooms and additional pitches. Wells RFC are becoming more well known with each match that they play, last year, in May 2012, they were successful in playing at Twickenham Stadium against Wath-Upon-Dearne. With each match the players put as much energy into the game as they possible can, together they are united and very strong. The money raised will not only go towards the development funds for the club, but Wells RFC will also be donating a portion of all money raised to Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance.

So please spread the word, and if you have a few spare pennies lying around, then please donate. The club are grateful to receive any donation, whether it be small or large.

Please donate here:
The club also have a Facebook group for more information:

Thank you in advance.

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